Rowing: a team sport

Experience the sensations of a superb team sport!

Learn the basics of the rowing

This initiation will allow you to acquire the basics of rowing technique. You will also learn how to handle the equipment and know the saftey rules on the water.

This is an ideal activity to enforce team spirit. You will also work on rythm and synchronization.

You will board the yawls under the supervision of competent trainers in total security. The participants will be surprised how the commun effort will make the boat advance so swiftly !

With rowing boats, it is the intoxicating pleasure of racing that motivates everyone to experience the sensations of a superb team sport.

Beginners or experienced rowers, team members unite and coordinate themselves by following the impulses of the watchman and the helmsman.

Whatever the athletic level of the participants, the teams are led in such a way as to form a homogeneous and coordinated group.

At the end of the activity, you will participate at a rowing regatta. It will allow you to discover the magic of team spirit and the challenges of online racing in a fun and friendly way!


  • Lieux : Geneva Vaud
  • Languages: English French
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Participants: From 10 to 100 people
  • Period: From April to October
  • Target: All audience
  • Price: 125 CHF HT/pers