Casino of Games

Liven things up in your team with this themed night

Early evening,  liven things up in your team with this themed night “Casino of Games”
After having formed your teams and designate a banker, we will give you a generous wad of banknotes by teams.  Divide it up and challenge your colleagues from the other teams on the different games:  game of skill, wood games, disc game, human brain-teaser, frog game,  shooting range, Dutch pool and a lot of other games.

The rule is simple: challenge your colleagues, bet and the winner scoops the pot !!!
During the evening, you have to try to get as much money as you can for your team to get the prizes from the final auction sale.
During the night, the games master will offer several highlights :

  • The Crazy Time : the bank will double all your bets
  • Accept the challenge from the hosts and win 5 times your bet
  • Try to beat the cheating host on his table

After the allocated time, do your sums. Then, you will participate to an exceptional and off-the-wall auction sale with some surprising prizes. Will you up the bidding ?