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Food Truck Challenge

An original activity combining construction and cooking !

The Food Truck Challenge: What is it?

This team building combines two activities: a part of construction and a part of cooking. Everybody will love it!

As a creation of a company, each team will have to find a commercial name, create a logo, chose a meal which will satisfy your future customers, but also build a big facade of Food Truck.

A draw will determine the theme of your Food Trucks (burgers, tacos, waffles, crepes, etc…).

The aim of this challenge is that everyone is involved in the construction of the food truck and in the cooking part as well!

The teams will be judged on different criteria which will permit to have a big winner.

Progress of the activity

For the construction part:

Each team will have some cardboards, tubes of paint, tape, staples, cutter etc…

You will have to think of how to create a solid structure, to decorate it, about a name, a logo and how to present the menu.

For the cooking part:

You will have to create an appetizing meal and prepare the dishes which will be served to your customers. Basics ingredients will be given to each team. You will have to cook a salty dish and a sweet dish per Food Truck, in a sufficient quantity.

A space with additional ingredients to garnish your meal will be at your disposition all along the activity.

You will also have different kind of kitchenware at your disposition (napkins, plates, packaging, etc…)

Be original and creative to win this challenge!

The criteria to win this challenge will be based on: the facade of your Truck, the presentation of your meal and also the taste of your dishes!

Who will be the king of the Junk Food?

  • Lieux : Fribourg Geneva Neuchâtel Valais Vaud
  • Languages: English French
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Participants: From 25 to 200 people
  • Period: All year
  • Target: All audience
  • Price: 199 CHF/pers
  • Optionnal: Personalized aprons