Building an ultra-light glider

Make plans, create, decorate and test your glider before the big final challenge!

Aircraft construction for your team building

We offer you a very creative concept with our “airplane” program. Manual and creative skills will be put to the test as you build a glider-type aircraft, and this… in record time!

We will provide you with examples of aircraft construction plans for reference, to give your team a basis for work. Subsequently, the teams will choose the model of their choice and can modify it as needed according to their desires.
The blueprint for your aircraft construction will have to be transferred as faithfully as possible to an acetate with or without the aid of a projector. This will be enlarged in order to trace the different parts of the aircraft.

Once the parts of the aircraft have been traced, all that remains is to cut everything out and assemble it.

When the teams have finished the design, it’s time to decorate your aircraft according to the theme chosen by your team.

A few flight tests will be allowed before you undergo the ultimate flight test. Will your plane hold up?  Will you be able to fly your plane a long distance?
Communication, creativity and teamwork will be required.

The “Airplane” aircraft construction includes:

  • All the materials for the manufacture
  • Work tools and accessories, projector
  • Sound system and background music
  • Entertainment and medals for the winning team!

Course of the activity

  • General Briefing
  • Prototyping
  • Analysis of our expert-trainers in addition to the “public” vote for the aesthetic
  • side of the aircraft
  • Aircraft Flight Test
  • Presentation of medals to the best team
  • Lieux : Fribourg Geneva Jura Neuchâtel Valais Vaud
  • Languages: English French
  • Duration: 2h30
  • Participants: From 25 to 200 people
  • Period: All year
  • Target: All audience
  • Price: 75 CHF HT/ pers
  • Dressing code:
    Room rental
    Tables for teams (and chairs if needed)
  • Include:
    BeCorpo staff
    The "tools and materials" manufacturing
    The prize-giving ceremony for the winning team


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