Murder party

Original, off-the-wall and participative

For your corporate night, the murder party is original, off-the-wall and participative.

The scenario:

A group (you) is coming to Toflex’s (leader on the plastic seal market) company restaurant. Unfortunately, there is a drama going on in the restaurant : Marie, the employee of the month, has disappeared. The HR director insists : you won’t be able to eat until you have discovered the culprit!
The murder happened between yesterday evening and this morning. Five employees (including Marie) came to the restaurant for the dinner. Her five colleagues are the last people who saw her alive.
This morning, when nobody saw her in the office, gossips started : she was seen with Ludo (the charming salesman) and others believe that Manon (the office manager) could be responsible. Also, Alain (Buying director) looks like he got up on the wrong side of the bed. For Laurent (CEO), it’s very bad news as the annual meeting with the investors is scheduled next week and he absolutely needs Marie to prepare it.
Everybody is called for help, map and investigator book in your hand, you have to question all the suspects who have been asked to stay in the restaurant until the investigation is resolved.