Indoor Games is a festival of funny games with no good weather needed !

For a winter team building or a B plan during rainy afternoons!

All along the animation, each team will take part into all the rounds of the games’ tournament. The talent of all the team mates will be necessary to win.

Each team will fight two by two on every games. At the end of the imposed time, a final classification is established and the 3 first team will receive a prize.

The different activities:

  • Pictionnary: make someone guess what you are drawing
  • Enigmas, flash games, brain teaser: find the solution as quickly as you can
  • Memory: find two similar cards
  • Tangram: reproduce a shape with the given materials
  • Question for a champion: answer the questions as quickly and correct as possible
  • Human Pyramid: reproduce the figures
  • Juggling initiation: try the art of circus

We can organize these games wherever you want: seminary room, refuge, event places, etc…

Indoor Games can be chosen as a second choice if the weather is not good enough for the planned activity.