création de lip dub organisation et animation de votre team building pour votre sortie ou soirée d'entreprise à Genève, Lausanne, Sion, Martigny, Vevey, Nyon, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, La Chaux de fond, Berne Bâle ou Zurich


A group cohesion with the creation of a movie under the shape of a Lip Dub

The creation of a lip dub to create a group cohesion: team work and ludic activity.
Laughs guarantee during the projection of your movie!

What is the creation of a Lip Dub ?

The “Lip Dub” is an English expression which means choreography, dance, creativity…
In one sequence shot (sequence without interruption), the participants will sing in playback and dance on a famous song.

We will organize this activity as a challenge so that the artistic and creative qualities of your collaborator can be expressed as good as possible!

Possibility to set up a pre-scenario in order to guide your collaborator to a certain type of film chosen with a pre-writing story.

Types of scenario:

  • Publicity
  • Fun, madness
  • History

You will have many accessories to embellish your Lip Dub: disguises, wigs, diverse objects…

The three steps of the activity:

  • Choose the scenario and the choreography
  • Setting up the scenario on the place chosen and repetition
  • Shooting in several takes

Possibility to diffuse the movie an hour after the activity during the aperitive.
A better version will be elaborate depending on your wishes (introduction, end)