The basic techniques to survive in mountains

With the Mountain Challenge, learn the mountain dweller and become the survivor of your company !

By team, your will participate in 4 activities which will teach you the basis of survival and will permit you to deal with hostile environment as the mountain.

Progress of the activity:

  • You will start this activity with an orientation course to learn to spot you with external elements, to read a map, to use a compass, etc.
  • The construction of an igloo and the different techniques: you have to know how to build a shelter if you want to survive
  • The survive: learn to build a stretcher, a splint, a luge, etc. some gestures which can save a life
  • Avalanche beacon search (ARVA)

The objective of this team building is to learn the bases to survive in mountain with funny and ludic activities by team.

The teams will be in confrontation during each activity. At the end of this Mountain Challenge we will determine the “survivors” of your company.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Participants: From 25 to 400 people
  • Period: December to April
  • Target: All audience
  • Price: 89 CHF/pers
  • Dressing code: warm clothes, hiking shoes, gloves
  • Include: The animators, the materials, stand of snacks and drinks, prizes giving, travelling expenses