sortie d'entreprise avec un challenge team building sur le thème des pirates et de la piraterie a geneve, Lausanne, Fribourg, Neuchatel, La chaux de fond, Berne, Bâle ou Zurich

Pirates Challenge

Being Jack Sparrow...

Captain Torture has hidden his pirate treasure. Does your team have what it takes to defeat him and claim the pirate booty? Come and show off your sword fighting skills or walk the plank if you dare fail in this exciting treasure hunt teambuilding adventure. Costumes optional, but bravery , balance and brains a must!  Captain Torture will dictate the rules and  teams will compete in ropes course , knot tying , pirate booze tasting and blindfolded obstacle course challenges to win clues that lead them to his hidden treasure chest. At the end of the day,  winners and losers alike will be awarded a “treasure prize” for daring to face Captain Torture.  Arghhhh!

Type of Challenges

  • Blindfolded, guess the  weight of a pirate chest with clues from teammates!
  • The Fatal Drink :  Only the bravest pirate can stomach this concoction. Down the hatches! 
  • The Knots :  4 types of rope tying… calling all nautical experts!
  • The Closed Box  : Rummage through the box and find the clue, what you find may be squishy, or icky or ewwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Obstacle Course : Hands tied and blindfolded your entire team will laugh and cry through this hilarious and challenging trial for treasure clues!
  • The Monkey Bridge Ropes Course : Cross the ropes bridge from tree to tree and find the clue on the other side.  Jack Sparrow wannabes will love this wobbly challenge!
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Participants: From 25 to 250 people
  • Period: From May to October
  • Target: All audience
  • Price: 99 CHF/pers
  • Dressing code: Relax clothes, good shoes