City Express

As in the famous TV show, take part in a race against the clock !


Inspired by a famous TV show, you will participate in a real race against the clock using maps, compass, and roadbooks. By small teams, you will look for tags and tests hidden all along the course, whether in the city or in the middle of the nature.

At each step, you will have to find clues which will allow you to reach the next test! When you succeed a test, you receive indications for the next step and so on.
If you fail the test you have time penalty and you have to wait till you receive clues for the next step.

You will use different means of transport (depending on the place of the activity): walking, by bike, scooter, bus, boat, funicular, etc…

Examples of tests:

  • Orienteering run to find clues which will allow you to open the safe
  • A key research
  • Collect flags of the colors of your team and hidden clues
  • Puzzle
  • Mental calculation

Progress of the activity:

  • Creation of teams
  • Distribution of roadbooks and clues for the first step
  • Each team will find the animation team at each test
  • Team ranking: the first one to find the last flag and to achieve the final test
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Participants: From 10 to 200 people
  • Period: All year
  • Target: All audience
  • Price: 99 CHF/pers
  • Dressing code: hiking shoes and clothes adapted to the season