The chic evening by excellence !

Red carpet, strass, flakes… the occasion to play the role of movie stars and to dress up with your most beautiful dresses and suits for a mythic night placed under the sign of cinema and luxury.

Enter the universe of movie starts and project yourself into Hollywood or Cannes to take the place of your favorite actors.

Dress code: Proper dress mandatory

For the women, it is THE moment to wear your most beautiful evening dress, the one which is usually too chic. Dare the star make up and the developed hairdressing to be elegant, radiant and chic!
For the men, the black smoking and the bow tie will be perfect.

The decoration:

  • upon arrival of the guests: a red carpet with giant stars on the floor, as in Hollywood, to create a real Walk of Fame with a VIP entrance
  • Ambiance: movies posters, director claps, garland of filmstrips, statuettes of the Oscars
  • Colors: bland, white and gold
  • Table decorations: names, cinema centerpiece, clap with the name of the table



  • Paparazzi photograph
  • Quiz about movie posters: recognize the movie from a piece of its poster
  • Film dubbing: parody of famous scenes
  • Dancing night with a DJ
  • Lieux : Fribourg Geneva Neuchâtel Valais Vaud
  • Duration: All night
  • Participants: From 50 to 300 people
  • Period: All year
  • Target: All audience
  • Price: From 5500 CHF
  • Dressing code: costumes
  • Include: Animations, decorations, DJ, Photographer
  • Optionnal: Photo booth, video report, cateter