Team Building Eté

Organisation d'une sortie d'entreprise Beach Party

Beach Party

Lakeside, summer activities, good atmosphere! You will remember your holidays memories with this beach party ! The coolest team event! Petanque, Stand Up Paddle, Volley,... several games to have fun!

  • Duration:3h00
  • Price: 70 CHF HT/pers
  • Participants : From 20 to 250 people

Bootcamp, un team building qui exige discipline et rigueur

Boot Camp

A boot camp like a military training! Discipline and rigour obligatory! Fun guaranteed!

  • Duration:3 hours
  • Price: From 85 CHF/pers (excl. VAT)
  • Participants : From 10 to 150 people

Cat's cradle

Cat’s Cradle

Go in search of tags to earn a maximum of points!

  • Duration:2 hours
  • Price: 69 CHF HT/pers
  • Participants : From 10 to 300 people

Atelier culinaire autour du chocolat

Chocolate Rally

Chocolate Rally! Unlock Geneva's chocolate treasures and trivia in this orientation race full of flavours and fun!

  • Duration:2 hours
  • Price: 99 CHF/pers (excl. VAT)
  • Participants : From 20 to 150 people

Team Building Construction de Radeaux

Construction of Raft

Develop your ingenuity and quickness to build a raft worthy of a naval architect!

  • Duration:2h00
  • Price: 79 CHF HT/pers
  • Participants : From 20 to 300 people

Événement Team building : course en sac

Crazy Games

Are you fed up with classic olympic games? Try the Crazy games! Cheese throw, woodcutter workshop like Charles Ingalls, 3 legs race! Only fun and giggles!

  • Duration:From 2 to 3 hours
  • Price: From 69 CHF/pers (excl. VAT)
  • Participants : From 20 to 250 people

NCIS enquete criminelles

CSI : Criminal Scene Investigation

Like in CSI, go on the crime scene and with scientific equipement, take DNA and discover new evidences. Gather clues, avoid traps and bring insight.

  • Duration:From 3 to 5 hours
  • Price: From 150 CHF/pers (excl. VAT)
  • Participants : From 10 to 80 people

Garden Party

Garden Party

This activity Garden Party combines sporting activities and leisure to spend a pleasant moment of relaxation. Participants will be able to try out different activities throughout the day.

  • Duration:3 hours
  • Price: 75 CHF/pers HT
  • Participants : From 20 to 200 people

Graffiti spray

Graffiti workshop

Initiate yourself into the art of graffiti ! An entertaining activity to express your creativity ! A fascinating and unforgettable experience!

  • Duration:2 hours
  • Price: From 80 CHF/pers (Excl VAT)
  • Participants : From 12 to 100 people

Randonnée Pédestre


Relaxed, discovery or sporty hike? Choose the one that suits you !

  • Duration:From 1 to 6 hours
  • Price: Depending on the location and duration of the hike
  • Participants : From 10 to 100 people

évement de fin d'année, le murder party

Murder party

An original and off-the-wall activity! Investigate and find out the murderer ! The murder party is one of the best entertainment for your event !

  • Duration:2 hours
  • Price: From 125 CHF/pers (excl. VAT)
  • Participants : From 15 to 200 people

Envie de grand espace le raid orientation en mountain bike est la sortie d'entreprise qu il vous faut!

Orientation Raid Mountain Bike

Get on your mountain bike seeking for markers! Resolve the enigmas to obtain some precious clues and go forward on the path!

  • Duration:From 1 to 3 hours
  • Price: From 109 CHF/pers (excl. VAT)
  • Participants : From 10 to 200 people

Les Olympiades, une sortie team building proposée en été

Summer Games

With the Summer Games, organize the Olympic Games of your company! Sportive and fun challenges to be overcome. Let the best team win!

  • Duration:3 hours
  • Price: From 79 CHF/pers (excl. VAT)
  • Participants : From 10 to 1000 people

Sortie entreprise try to be suisse

Try to be Suisse

Try to be Suisse: Traditions quiz, culture, heritage, geography and Swiss specificitie, typical Swiss games and gastronomy are on the program of your team building.

  • Duration:3 hours
  • Price: 79 CHF HT/pers
  • Participants : From 10 to 200 people